September 07 - 08

Private Chateau (all inclusive) just for you and your creative ideas.

Let your photography dreams come true with our „Bedtime Stories“.


  • Southwest Belgium (near Tournai-Doornik)
  • Beautiful Chateau with Garden and Forest
  • 2 Shooting Days (9:30-17:30)
  • 3 Professional Models
  • Unique Location (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • Light Equipment Provided
  • Accomodation Included (Directly in the Chateau)
  • Food & Drinks Included (All Inclusive – Private Chef)
  • Open for 6 photographers (shooting 2-on-1)
  • PRICE: 1.950 EUR


  • Genres: Artistic Nudes, Boudoir/Lingerie, Fashion
  • Special Outfits from our Stylist
  • Freedom of Shooting + Photography Guide on Hand
  • Shooting 2-on-1
  • 7 Shooting Slots
  • Different Lighting Setups – Flash Lights & Natural Light
  • Light equipment we provide: 3x Godox 600 WS, 1x Godox 200 WS, Different Modifiers, Umbrellas, Reflectors, Stands, 3x Triggers (for Nikon/Canon/Fuji)



The accomodation in the Chateau is included. All of us (organizers, models, photographers) will be staying under one roof which gives us more time for shooting & socializing. Each photographer will have a private room. The bathroom is shared (1 per each floor).
The Chateau is situated near Tournai (Doornik) – southwest of Brussels.

We are ready to welcome you on Friday 6th Sept (afternoon) and you can stay with us till Monday 9th Sept (morning).


Although this photo event is not a regular instructor-led workshop, we offer more than just model sharing. We’re here to answer your questions about how to interact with models and how to combine flash with natural light.


„I’m a photography enthusiast turned part-time professional, always striving to produce high grade images. But mostly I’m just having a lot of fun creating the images I like. I picked up my first camera in the early nineties and transitioned from analogue to digital ten years later. During the early years I travelled the globe doing landscape photography, but from about 2010 I’ve focused mainly on model photography. The social dimension of working with art-minded people is what attracts me. I specialize in boudoir, urbex and art nude, but I also enjoy the post-production process. Recently I took up initiating amateur photographers into the marvellous world of model photography.“

Below you can see some examples of Thierry´s work. More you will find at

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