May 13 - 15

Enjoy a long weekend full of shooting, learning, artistic concepts and relaxed atmospehre.
The goal is to learn new techniques and to shoot unique, creative images.


  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • 3 Complete days (9am to 5/6pm)
  • 2 Instructors: Dan Hostettler & Viki Kollerova
  • 5 different models in total
  • Outdoor ‘On Location’ Shoots
  • Light equipment provided
  • Accommodation included
  • Free Shooting, Hands-on Education & Supervision
  • OPEN ONLY FOR 4 PHOTOGRAPHERS (2 shooting groups)
  • PRICE: 2.450 EUR


  • Genres: Artistic Nudes & Sensual Portraiture
  • Extensive Hands-On Education
  • Shooting Practice & Portfolio Building
  • Free Shooting Time (2-on-1)
  • Composition, Image Looks & Moods
  • Lighting: Natural Lighting & Mixed Lighting (Sun & Strobe), Light Quality, Characteristics & Directions. Modifiers & Tools
  • Model Posing: Model Lines & Flow Posing, and more
  • Learning from 2 different instructors (diverse approaches/experiences/point of views)



The accommodation is included in the price of the workshop!

4 apartments are located right on the shooting premise. This comfortable setting allows us for socializing, talk shop and just having a good time after the shooting days.

Arrival is possible on 12.5. in the afternoon and departure on 16.5. in the morning.

Breakfast will be arranged.

The address is Mlýnská 1117, Praha 6-Bubeneč, 160 00.

The whole place (shooting locations & accomodation) is a creative estate of well-known painter, sculptor, architect & photographer Tomáš Jungvirt.



We will be a very small group staying in just one compound that offers you endless outdoor shooting possibilities. The goal is to learn new techniques and to shoot unique, creative images.
No fluff, no unnecessary theory, no lame gear presentation. Just to-the-point and on-the-spot hands-on learning. We will maximize the outcome and not wasting your time.
You can enjoy a carefree time and start creating, improving and excelling your artistic model photography.


We will provide you with:

  • Portable Strobes, Light Modifiers, Reflectors, and more
  • Stands, Tripods & other tools
  • Wireless Radio Trigger System
  • Model Right Release Contracts. Images can be used for self-promotion reasons across all of your various promotion channels & portfolios.

You have to bring:

    • Camera: DSLR, Film SLR with Hot Shoe or PC/X-Sync
    • Lenses
    • Batteries, Memory Cards, Films
    • any particular piece of gear you are used to shoot with


On the day of arrival (May 12th) we will have a meeting together. The exact time will be specified. We kindly ask all participants to take part in this meeting. If you can´t be present (for example in case of late arrival), let us know in advance please.
During the meeting we will get to know each other a present you a schedule for the next 3 days.


Dan Hostettler is a Swiss born photographer and solopreneur, based in Prague, Czech Republic. In 1995 he graduated from the Professional School for Fine Arts and Design in Bern as a photographer. Dan has been a successful people photographer for the last 20 years and counting, specialized in the field of Beauty, Glamour and Commercial Nudes. Due to his work Dan travelled around the globe visiting countless countries, pan-European, Oceania as well as Asian.

In 2001 Dan founded his flagship StudioPrague in Prague (CZ), which includes a dedicated glamour production company that has received international recognition and offers private, high-end workshops. Until now the studio has served many international clients and supported a big number of productions and exclusive VIP events.

In 2013 Dan launched his latest innovation: (SWP).

SWP is a knowledge boutique, offering online educational resources dedicated to help train and mentor other photography enthusiasts in Sexy Women Photography.

Aside from his own creations, Dan has been internationally published and featured among others on and in GQ Online, The India Times, FashionONE TV, GoodLight! Magazine, FotoTV, ModelMayhem EDU, MUZE Magazine, FOTOdigital.

Dan’s passion for traveling, cinema and visual adventures translates into a high degree of skill and creativity. Inspired by the world’s top magazines and brands like Playboy, Maxim, FHM, Vogue and Victoria’s Secret amongst others, Dan continues his pursuit of being the best in his field.

Dan is ever since a visual artist with Swiss precision.
Below you can see some examples of Dan’s work. More you will find at and


Viki Kollerová is a Slovak photographer well known for her original black and white nudes in nature.

The harmony she can create between the human form and the natural environment is distinctive for Viki Kollerová’s work.

Many of her photographs have a strong sense of playfulness, often created by unconventional posing and elaborate use of distortion and perspective.

After refining her artistic expression for over a decade, her limited edition prints are now a part of numerous private collections all around the world. The photographs from her most recent project ‚Silver Island‘ are currently on display at Fotografiska Museum of Photography in Stockholm as a part of the exhibition NUDE, centred on the naked body in contemporary photography from a female perspective.

„What I would like to convey to you as a lecturer during The Creative Nude Retreat is the importance of imagination in photography and the way we can learn to use it to communicate our ideas and feelings to the others. A strong image doesn’t require a complicated setup, high-end equipment or a perfect model. What it can’t do without is the photographer’s mind, able to connect the environment, the subject and the available light in a picture that speaks.“

You can find Viki´s works in a blog A Girl Who Likes To Disappear or on her IG profile.