June 13 - 15

Enjoy 3 days surrounded by wonderful sceneries, lovely models and enrich your portfolio about amazing pictures from natural enviroment.

Instructor: Reto Heiz


  • 3 shooting days
  • 3 professional art nude models (2 models each day)
  • breathtaking outdoor locations
  • working mainly with natural light (Ranger set for Canon and Nikon can be provided)
  • food & drinks during the workshop hours included
  • open to 6 photographers (2 shooting groups)
  • transport between hotel and locations provided
  • PRICE: 1.490 EUR



Accomodation is not included in the price of the workshop.

We recommend you an accommodation in Hotel Schäfli in Siebnen which is going to be our meeting point for each day (departure in the morning and arrival in the evening).
The hotel is located about 50 km from the Zürich Airport. Check-in on Wednesday is possible from 2pm and check-out on Sunday till 11am.
Standard rooms (18 m²) are equipped with wi-fi, TV and bathroom.
Parking in front of the hotel is free of change. Airport shuttle is possible for additional fee.
Accomodation in Hotel Schäffli is pre-booked for our group. In case you would like stay somewhere else, let us know in advance, please.

PRICE: 464 CHF/4 nights (including breakfast)



The workshop takes place mainly in German speaking part of Switzerland (cantons Schwyz and Glarus) and partly in Ticino (Italian speaking part). Swiss nature offers many outstanding locations – mountains, lakes, rocks, waterfalls, meadows – as you can see in the gallery of locations above.


The intention is to capture women´s essence in diversity of natural enviroment. Pure beauty of women´s body conneted with pure nature.


The weather plays important role in creating great pictures and while we will do our very best to ensure that you go home with several pictures you are really proud of, we cannot guarantee that we will have the ideal conditions for the workshop. Important thing is to be flexible and make a final decission about locations for the next day an evening before (according to the actual weather forecast). However, we have been pretty lucky so far (last 7 years), as you can see on the pictures in gallery. So we believe the weather will play into our hands again this year.


If the weather conditions are ideal or acceptable, we plan to leave the hotel each day around 5:30-6:30. We will travel directly to the first location where we are going to spend approx. 2-4 hours (depending on the particular location and conditions). After lunch we will move to the second location where we are going to spend another 2-3 hours.

The workshop is mainly about artistic nudes in nature, however we also might be shooting a bit of fashion/portraits in a small historical town one of the afternoons.

In the end of the day you can join us for dinner & nice conversation. 🙂


We will be working mainly with natural light. However, if you prefer to use flash, let us know in advance please. Reto has triggers for Godox system for Nikon and Canon plus one adapter for Sony.
We will have 2 reflectors with us (one for each group).

What to bring:

You should obviously bring your camera (preferably a DSLR or mirrorless camera).
It´s good to bring at least a standart lens (24-72mm). A wide angle lens and telephoto lens (70-200mm) can be very useful as well.
If you have, bring a tripod and ND filters.
You will propably also need some spare batteries.
In any case we kindly ask you to bring only the equipment you can carry by yourself.
For more information regarding photography equipment you can contact Reto directly at


Since this workshop will take place outside, please dress appropriately depending on the weather conditions. You should also wear some sturdy shoes.


On the day of arrival there will be a meeting at 6pm (we will meet all together in front of the hotel). We kindly ask all participants to take part in this meeting. If you can´t be present (for example in case of late arrival), let us know in advance please.
During the meeting we will get to know each other and you will also receive a schedule for the next 3 days.
The meeting will last max 1 hour and after the meeting we can have a dinner together.

Reto Heiz

“I devoted myself to photography in 1980 when I got my first camera as a Christmas present from my parents. It was Nikon EM. Since then photography has become an important part of my life. In 2010 I started to organize workshops and photo events – at first in Switzerland, later on in other countries as well (France, Germany, Czech Republic). It is more than 60 workshops and photo events I have organized so far. I’m specialized in art nude and people photography, mainly black and white, with natural light. Last nine years I am working for Canon Switzerland. Guess which camera system I am using now… ☺”

Below you can see some examples of Reto’s work. More of his photos you will find for example here:

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