with Dan Hostettler



Photographer, Author & Educator





Remco N., Netherlands


“Thank you for all your hard work supporting me/us!


Not only your extensive knowledge about the subject itself was tremendous but the ability to explain the matter in a pleasant way helped a lot. The approach was not only informative but also created a shooting challenge yet without pushing us too much.


Very rarely have I met leaders of workshops before that were emphasizing the creativity of their “students” without trying to direct them into a predetermined path. In my view the Event was a great success both as a learning experience as well as a challenge yet without it becoming a hurdle. On top of that everyone had enough space for ideas without anything disrupting the planning. At least I never had the feeling that I had too little or too much time in any of the segments. From my point of view you deserve nothing but praise.


In addition there was a very good group dynamic between the people on all sides of the lens. Having everyone in the same location for the whole duration of the event definitely made it a much more personal and engaging experience for me. Plus, I was blown away by stylist Karolina’s creativity which added yet another dimension to the location and models.


All I can say is thank you very much! It was a very worthwhile experience for me and much more than I could’ve hoped for.”




Mr. Muliebris, New Zealand


“I attended Dan’s exclusive September 2018 French Chateau Nude Photography Workshop. This was my second VIP event organised by Dan, who I rate as the best photography workshop event organiser I’ve ever met. His photographic and especially his lighting expertise are outstanding and his punctual organisation is excellent.


Dan had brought a full set of lighting equipment and was on hand to help the less experienced photographers in a good-humoured manner, but never getting in the way or taking over. The chateau featured a breath-taking plethora of all-weather indoor and outdoor sets.


Dan had organised a great support crew, including Caroline, the magical stylist; Martin, who conjured three course meals and plentiful supplies of beer and wine; and Ivana, who modelled and managed the other models. Photographers enjoyed two relaxed one on one shoots each day (morning and afternoon) over four days, rounded off with a group shoot the final afternoon.


Last but by no means least, here’s a big shout out for the beautiful, professional and versatile models Eliska, Ivanka, Michaela and Suzzi Q, who were patient, hard-working and fun to work with. It was a memorable event that had a really pleasant vibe, and I hope there will be more.”




Steve B., UK


“I was fortunate to participate in Dan’s ‘French Chateau Nude Photography Workshop’ in September 2018. This workshop was one of the most professional ‘events’ I have ever participated in.


The pre-event information was timely, informative and motivational. The location for the shoot was a beautiful, rustic French chateau with endless inspiring shooting locations both in the chateau and the extensive grounds and outbuildings.


The organisation on-site was truly excellent. We had 4 full days of shooting and everybody (Dan, Ivana, models, chef, hair and make-up) worked tirelessly to ensure that we had a great experience. The models were beautiful, professional, super hard-working and happy to help me (a relative novice) with some creative ideas for each shoot. I achieved better photos that I had imagined possible and I would like to thank Dan and the entire team for organising and executing a truly fantastic event.”



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