• creative ideas
  • interesting shooting locations
  • experienced models who are more than just beautiful


  • cooperation with PRIOLITE
  • » professional light equipment & technical support included


  • good level of organization and coordination


  • enough time and space during the shooting for everybody
  • » 2-3 photographers per model
  • » 6-9 photographers in total


  • well balanced combination of creating awesome pictures, learning new things and having fun


Ivana Cermakova

Founder of Photoholidays / Event organizer / Professional model


„I have been working in modeling on international level since 2010. Within those years I got many opportunities to pose on workshops & photo events all around the world and met lot of interesting people. Some of them inspired me and others gave me examples of what to avoid.


I am positive, sociable and ambitious person who likes creativity and fun but also order, precise work and focus on detail. Thanks to combination of these things I love what I do and I always try to do the best I can.


Mike Raab

Workshop instructor / Technical support / Professional photographer


„What once has started as a hobby has become an exciting full-time job. My field of action varies from elegant nude & glamour shoots to serious business photography to shooting gorgeous wedding days. I am aspiring and open-minded with a love for detail.




Priolite is a German, technology-oriented company founded with the objective of developing state-of-the-art strobes for professional photographers. A focal point of development is equipment based on the lithium-ion battery concept. Priolite caters to the trend of continuously increasing mobility by offering equipment which operates independently of the electrical outlet. Today’s photographers frequently work at alternating locations and without their own studio. This makes mobile, cordless, and easily transportable lights the perfect solution.


Located in Würzburg, Germany, Priolite was founded by Graduate Engineer Joachim Renschke together with his partner. All Priolite equipment is designed by experienced industrial designers and developed in Germany. At Priolite, the label “Made in Germany” means just that.


“We place great value on quality assurance. We intend to never be the reason for ruining an expensive shoot.”


Founder Joachim Renschke studied Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin, worked in Munich as a development manager in the IT sector, and managed the Company Hensel Studiotechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Würzburg from 1991 to 2008. The experience gained there in the field of studio technology, combined with his international contacts, are a guarantee of innovative products.


Priolite’s introduction of a Hot Sync line of strobes at 2014 Photokina moved the strobe industry forward yet again. This continued a trend begun with Priolite’s first Photokina in 2010 where the state-of-the-art battery powered monolights took the industry by storm.


“Our desire to create and innovate is powered by you – the professional photographer. You can be assured that you, as a client, will always get the service and support that matches the quality of our products.”






To register for a workshop, you must fill in an application (related to the particular workshop) and submit a deposit 50% of the price of the workshop.



Only travel expenses that are paid and arranged from our side are transportations between hotel and shooting locations during the workshop days. For all other travel expenses (such as flight, taxi from the airport to the hotel etc.) are participants responsible by themselves.



Price of workshop INCLUDES: accommodation with breakfast, food & drinks during the workshop hours, models & artists fee, transportation between hotel and shooting locations,  professional light equipment, shooting locations during all workshop days, on some workshops also make-up artist & stylist.


Price of workshop DOES NOT include: food & drinks aside from the workshop hours, private booking model fees and travel expenses (as mentioned in the 2nd point).



Maximum number of participants on our workshops is 9 (divided into 3 shooting groups). In case there are only 2 shooting groups on the workshop, the maximum number of participants is 6.


Each workshop must meet a minimum number of participants to cover expenses. If the workshop cannot realize because there are not enough attendees, you can either get your money back or let us transfer it to the next workshop of your choice.



Your deposit and remainder payment are non-refundable. However, we understand that emergencies may happen. If for any reasons you can´t participate a workshop for which you are registered and you tell us about it at least 60 days in advance, we can try to find someone else to fill your seat. If someone can be found we will apply your payment to the next available workshop of your choice.



We assume no liability for any act, error, omission, injury, loss, delay, mishap, or damage to persons or property arising from any cause during the course of the workshop or in transit thereto. We reserve the right to change any aspect of the workshop due to exceptional circumstances. By participating in our workshops you acknowledge that you have read the information concerning responsibility.



It is very important for us to create a pleasant atmosphere during each workshop and make everyone present feel comfortable and relaxed. The same applies for photographers as well as for models. We ask all present workshop participants to respect the following rules:


It is not allowed to take pictures or videos with your phone, unless you ask those who are involved if it is ok for them (especially during the breaks and when the models are nude).

It is not allowed to touch the models. If you need to correct for example model´s hair or clothes during the shooting, ask them politely at first.



Kerry Bellerose_Denmark, Copenhagen

“I had a great time, got amazing pictures, and learned a lot during the PHOTOHOLIDAYS workshop.  The locations were inspiring and the models were beautiful, very professional, and enjoyable to work with. I would highly recommend future workshops and I hope to attend myself as well!”


Jan Valeur_Denmark, Copenhagen

"Participating in PHOTOHOLIDAYS was a very positive experience. The organization was good and professional and so was the information level about the arrangement. Working in small groups with just 2-3 photographers made it widely possible to work individually with each model to create the optimal image results. The models were all attractive, positive and experienced, and the possibility to book additional, private shoots in advance with them was super. Highly recommended arrangement!"


Mark Joyce_UK, Isle of man

"The workshop in Brno was very well organized with interesting and varied locations for shooting with some excellent models. Good advice was always on hand - I certainly achieved my goal of learning more about lighting and came away with a renewed enthusiasm and many new ideas for future photography. Recommended."


Bruno Mostien_Belgium, Hoboken

“I will remember PHOTOHOLIDAYS as an opportunity to work with stunning models on different surprising locations, in private or together with a small bunch of photographers, sharing their skills, enjoying serious model photography.

The 4-day workshop was very well organized: a clear briefing, enough time to work with each model in different settings, coaching by professionals (PRIOLITE), delicious food and drinks in between the shooting, convenient transport to and from the locations, a nice wellness-hotel to stay.

The program Ivana prepared for this event surpassed my expectations. After the workshop I went home with just one question: When are we going to do this again?”


Roberto Döhring_Germany, Strausberg

„ PHOTOHOLIDAYS were quite an experience! Nice locations with various level of difficulty. It was possible to test out shooting in an illuminated studio as well as in dark wine cellar. Organizational-wise the PHOTOHOLIDAYS went well without any hitch. Come to PHOTOHOLIDAYS and enjoy yourselves. You will meet beautiful models and a perfect organizer - the gorgeous Ivana!“



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